About Stargirl

Hello and welcome to my Tradepost!
I'm Stargirl, although my real name is Tatiana. I'm an antediluvian in age and I come from sunny Spain!
I started my kpop career as an ELF and slowly became an SMTOWN stan. Now, I also consider myself an ARMY and an I GOT7 in project. I don't stan girlgroups as hard as boygroups, but I do like them. I love cute and aesthetic stuff, so watch me collect decks just because they are pretty!
Aside from kpop, I'm a potterhead, and I consider myself a bookworm who loves both novels and comic/manga/graphic novel. I dream of going around the world once.

You can find me at Twitter on @stargirltcg. I have cookies, so come talk to me if you want :D

Active TCGs

Idolise TCG

Trading Policy

I'm usually very easy-going, so if you really need something from my keeping, please feel free to contact me through Twitter at @stargirltcg

I will try to be as fast as possible aswering trade request, but keep on mind that I spend a lot of time without access to the internet. Please, be patient with me. If you need a trade to be real quick, again, please contact me through Twitter.

If you need specific cards, but you don't have anything from my keeping, please don't offer me randoms. Any SMTOWN, BTS or GOT7 decks will do.

Thanks a lot and happy trading!

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